About Us

Let’s put the Fine back in Finance.

This site is for those in any stage of life who unite around one common mission: let’s finally cut through the bullshit and make finance accessible for the modern woman who has too much damn shit to do already.

Why is it that we can run our own companies, make (or buy…we’re not judging) daily healthy meals for our families, navigate the treacherous waters of dating while single, effortlessly balance our social calendars, find time to workout regularly, be good wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters etc. but we still have to decipher what finance terms mean when we want to take control of our own financial destinies?

There are so many times we have read one of those “Five Easy Tips to Invest Effectively” articles and thought “HUHHHH??” on the first tip when terms like “High Current Income Mutual Fund” are casually thrown in and not explained. It should be easy so why isn’t it? Why do you need to say “codicil” when “Hey, you need a new will” can do it? Can financial advisors just keep it straightforward, please?

The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask so that’s why we’re here. To ask them for you and alleviate the fear. To get smart and real answers to finance questions around debt, investing, saving and spending without the jargon and the self-promotion. We’re here to serve you and get to the bottom of finance-related topics that YOU care about.